Rules for 2019 Season

As we wait for the 2019 Season to get underway, rules are still TBD… but here are the rules from 2018 for reference

2018 Rules – Inspections

As these types of events are used for training purposes (to bring new volunteers up to speed for next year’s competition season), we encourage you to ask for robot inspections but they are completely optional.

We know some teams have been working on improving robots over the summer, please feel free to use this event as an opportunity to see how these mods work in real gameplay. You still can’t violate any game rules, but rules compliance is honor-system based.

As usual weight restrictions are lax also. A +5 pound weight allowance is allowed. This event is more about having fun and introducing new team members and the public to FIRST.

There will only be semi-final and final matches in the elimination round

For Alliance Selection and elimination round

  • Selection will be 1 – 4, 1 – 4
  • Alliance Captains cannot select each other
  • Alliance Captains stay Alliance Captains
  • Back-up teams will not be chosen
  • If a team cannot finish any of the elimination rounds, they will be replaced by the top ranked team currently unpicked and still at the event
  • +5 pounds weight allowance

Policy on 2nd Robots:

At this point, teams are allowed to purchase a spot for a second robot. If slots are available for a second robot on Saturday morning, then there will be a lottery for the open slots for the second robot. Lottery slots will be free of charge. 2nd robots are not eligible for the elimination round