Day of Event Information

Driving to East Ridge

For those driving trailers, be advised we strongly urge you to use the BAILEY ROAD entrance to the school.  We are planning pull-through parking which is MUCH easier to access from the Bailey Road entrance.  Additionally, East Ridge is surrounded by roundabouts, entering via Bailey Road bypasses most of the roundabouts.

Trailer Load-In/Parking

Dedicated pull-through trailer parking will be available on the day of the event.

Load in access is via doors at the gym floor level indicated on the map below.  Load in from the parking spaces as to not block traffic.  East Ridge recently refinished the gym floors.  Please help us keep the floors looking “new”; during load in please be sure to stay on the mats so as to not scratch the floor.

Preferred Human access is via the doors labeled “ACTIVITY ENTRANCE”, but the load in doors will also be open.

The shop will be open on an as needed basis (not the whole time). During load in please be sure to stay on the mats as to not scratch them. Please reference the parking map below for load and parking information.


Things to Remember

Our gym floor was just refinished a week ago. Please take care not to damage it – this is one of our biggest worries! We will have tarps down but that doesn’t help dropping sharp heavy objects…

We are considering a practice area but due to potential floor damage this will be a last minute decision pending our ability to find a reasonable chunk of carpet and floor protection.

We will live-stream this event on YouTube – so please advertise this to your teams parents and grandparents and public so they can be engaged from a distance. Click HERE to watch

T-Shirts will be available for purchase at the event, pricing is TBD at the moment.

There will be inexpensive concessions – please take advantage of these so we can invest in making this event even better next year.

Meal Deals – $5:

  • 2 hot dogs OR 2 slices of pizza
  • Cookie
  • Drink

Single Items

  • Hot dog $2
  • Slice of pizza $2
  • Cookie $1
  • Drink $1
  • Apple $1
  • Banana $1
  • Granola bar $1
  • Chips $1
  • Candy $1
  • Popcorn $1

Breakfast Pricing

  • Coffee $1
  • Donut / Pastry $2

Pit Stuff

Pits will be the usual 10×10′ size – you are welcome to be as elaborate or as minimalist as you choose but remember there is no power in the pits.

There will be power to charge batteries, but no power drops in pits.

No pit tables provided – so please bring your own table if needed.

As these events are used for training purposes – to bring new volunteers up to speed for next years competition season, we encourage you to ask for robot inspections but they are completely optional. We know some teams have been working on improving robots over the summer, please feel free to use this event as an opportunity to see how these mods work in real gameplay. You still can’t violate any game rules, but rules compliance is honor-system based. As usual weight restrictions are lax also. This event is more about having fun and introducing new team members and the public to FIRST.

There will be access to a shop with tools – it will be ‘open as needed’ so if you need help with something see pit admin and they will direct you how to get there and get someone to help navigate and find things.

Thanks to the wildly popular Mentor Match done at the Gitch, we will shamelessly copy this at the end the day.