EMCC - East Metro Collaborative Competition

EMCC is open to the public & admission is FREE…

Entirely a FREE service to the FIRST community, EMCC 2021 has a goal of providing a zero-barrier event with a genuine FIRST field staffed by real FTAs and CSAs for teams of any size or capability to attend at their own pace and availability. In other words, come when you want, drive till you break.

Save the date, September 18th

EMCC 2021 will take place on 09/18/2021 in East Ridge High School's gymnasium, Woodbury, MN. See FAQs page for more details.

EMCC will be run as an open house event for 2021. Any team with a robot and a couple hours is welcome to stop by and play with other teams in a practice match style event. There is no cost for any team to attend. If you can attend and have a minute: please send a note to emailemcc@gmail.com as it will help us plan. We will NOT be offering lunch in 2021 - there are local places to grab something quick, or just pack a sandwich alongside your drill bits.

Registration Information

Covid 19 Policy

For the health and safety of everyone attending EMCC, we will conform to school district 833 Covid 19 requirements on the day of the event. At this time there are no requirements but wearing masks and social distancing is recommended for high school events. EMCC will not supply masks so plan accordingly. Please refer to this entry of the website for the most current information.

Recording policy

This event will store and livestream audio, video and still images that may include anyone attending the event. By entering this event you agree to this.

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Rules for 2021 Season

Three rules: No score tracking, so no banners for this EMCC. Bring a robot that might work. Drive as much as you want, using whomever wants to drive. (yes, we can’t count to three.) If you happened to install a flamethrow...

EMCC 2019

There was no EMCC in 2020. The previous event was in 2019. We had 28 fabulous teams participating that year. For information on how to enroll please refer to the Registration page Team Team Name ...

Hosting Teams

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East Ridge High School
Fighting Calculators 2175 logo

Fighting Calculators 2175

Math & Science Academy
Data Bits 3883 logo

Data Bits 3883

Park High School